Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 things you didn't know bout Brendon Urie

if you're a fan, you probably think you know everything there is to know bout Panic frontman, Brendon Urie...
well, think again.

The Panic frontman...
1) is not a paparazzi target?
    " Britney spears can't even go into Starbucks without somebody go click-click. Luckily we get to go like          grocery shopping whenever we pyjamas! And no one bother us."

2)is not a clothes horse?
   "I pack very light for tour. I pretty much wear the same clothes for like five days. Tours are a lot like summer camp for us."

3)loves the sun?
   " I have very bad circulation, so I love being in the heat."

4)give albums away for free?
   "I hook the family up all the time with free stuff. It's no big deal. Family's fine. But i do have a lot of people who come out of the woodwork, asking for stuff. like cousins I've never meet before."

5)loves the Raconteurs?
   " We recently played with them in Europe and they're so good live! They blow my mind."

i got this info from Galaxy to them..XD

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