Saturday, December 4, 2010

how to survive exam week!

Assalamualaikum...n hello for all~
here are some tips for surviving examination week!
i post bout this because...dlm mngu exam lar nie!...hehe

-start study early (nie maksudnyer bkn study awal pagi...
maksudnyer study awal2..not just in exam week je study)

-schedule break between studies( of course you need a break...giler pecah kepale ngadap buku lame2)

-vary the subjects you study(yeah..jgn just focus for one subject in 3 hour!...mmg giler la gitu!)

-eat right(mmg sume x nk sakit perot nk g toilet time exam kn? or tibe2 fart loudly time exam ke...hehehe)

-get enough sleep( make sure u got enough sleep~...or nti akan ade peta dunia kt exam paper)

-reducing stress( kurngkn stress sbgai cth buat2 gile ngn kwn2 anda...kompom anda xkn stress dah..kwn anda plak smbung stress...)

last one~
-take care of your body( nie bukan suh g gym tambah six pack ke ape...just take care your body lar...u know what it means)

alrite then...gud luck for cfs iium students n sape2 yg nk exam..! GAMBATEH!


A.D.A.M. said...

semoga survive dgn jayanye! :)

z e a l o t said...

cool facts. =D
betul-betul boleh dipercayai XD

blogwalking ;D

famouslastword^^ said...

adam: thnx...! insyaALLAH berjaye..:D...~

zealot: hahha..thnx2..nti try la time nk exam..hehe...:))