Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'JELITA price of beauty'

mock trial mmg terbaik ah~..
mmg x dpt dinafikan lagi yg amalina tu pelakon yg amat3 hebat dan berbakat..
terpegun kot tgk die brlakon..perghh~..
mmg terbaik~..

cerita ni psl ape?
The story is about a young girl named Tasmina Bt Hishamuddin, obsessed with beauty and is capable of doing anything to get what she wants. She managed to convince herself that she is fighting for her rights as a human. Is she?

She believed that religion, law, and the society are all against her. Will Tasmina get what she wants, or is the price of beauty too high? Will justice protect her?

ha~ lupe plak ak tulis...mock trial 'JELITA price of beauty' ni telah dilakonkn oleh budak2 law yg amat berbakat...matop~

(shhheeezzzz..aku teringin nak blakon teater...!!!!!)

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