Thursday, June 23, 2011

frank gehry!

kenal frank gehry??
tu dia Frank Gehry~~
beliau adelah seorng architect yg terkemuka didunia...
dgn bangunan yg unik2..
jom tgk design beliau..

Beekman Place, NYC, Designed by Frank Gehry, at 8 Spruce Street in lower Manhattan, scheduled completion - 2012. Titanium and Glass exterior, 76 stories.

Aerial view of EMP|SFM

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, features an acoustically superior auditorium paneled in hardwood. The Disney family contributed more than $100 million to the project.

The houses of Prague dancing, otherwise known as "Ginger and Fred"

Art Gallery of Ontario at dusk. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

perghh~ nmpak?
sgt unik kan...
suka aku tgk design pelik2 ni.. 

P/S: nk tgk lagi?? ce try google...bnyk la lagi yg plik2! fuh~

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