Wednesday, July 27, 2016


i would like to write about my recent trip to penang.. but i had previous trip to bandung and thailand and didn't write anything about it yet.. i just posted few pictures on the instagram and twitter i think.

trip to bandung was fun but i didn't do much.. sbb ni business trip.. so yeah i get to buy few clothes from the indie local store. and most important thing dpt usha receptionist ..tediaa nama pon indah.. mmg indah betul.. girl crush! not only the receptionist beb..stewardess pon cun.. omgggggggg

the culture and the people..oh my oh my... so lemah lembut la weh... jatuh cinta pulak.. rasa mcm xnak balik ..haha 

nah sayap kapal terbang dri airport bandung 

mybe i'm gonna write bout thland soon... sbb keyboard ni bising haha... 


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